Substance Abuse


Door to Serenity

Within the structure of the Twelve Steps, Door To Serenity is being created to address the needs of those who seek our help on their road to recovery. Without respect to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, Door To Serenity welcomes the under-served who have tried unsuccessfully to address the pain of living through substance abuse and want to start a new chapter, living in recovery from addiction.

Established as a 501 (c) (3), ​​Door To Serenity is open to the support, financial or in-kind, from those who share the vision of unfettered access to the help we offer. We encourage all who visit us here to spread the word that there is a ray of hope for the disenfranchised and the possibility of living in recovery may be only a phone call away. Our calling is to love without limit and to serve without judgment.

Call (251) 202-7235


P.E.I.R. (People Engaged In Recovery)

People Engaged in Recovery, better known as P.E.I.R., is an organization that focuses on individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorder along the Alabama Gulf Coast. The goal of P.E.I.R. is to assist those in need by advocating, empowering, and collaborating with individuals seeking recovery by providing quality, certified peer oriented services. The main objective for P.E.I.R. is to encourage those seeking assistance and resources for the development of self-determination and personal responsibility in their recovery. We offer a helping hand to anyone trying to rise from the dark depths of addiction that is plaguing many people all over the world. Our community focuses on the Alabama Gulf Coast area. We hope that you would consider contributing to our organization to help those in recovery return to a life of hope and purpose.

2534 Government St, Mobile, AL 36606

251-219-7811 or 888-421-PEIR (7347)


The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama, Dauphin Way Lodge and Emergency Shelter

(Please note: While The Salvation Army reportedly does not discriminate against the LGBTQ community in their services, their beliefs are not LGBTQ affirming.)

Dauphin Way Lodge is a male substance abuse residential treatment facility. We provide clients with a medium intensity level of care (also offer lower levels of care) which helps clients learn how to manage their addiction to illicit and mood altering substances while also helping them to reintegrate back into society. They’ll attend 30 hours of treatment (treatment hours vary) of individual and group sessions while also going to outside meetings such as AA, NA, CMA and such. Our programs are individualized, meaning, it make take someone 90 days in our highest level of care whereas it may take another 100 or more. Once they complete the highest level of care(varies by what they are assessed for before entering treatment) they have the option to move to a lower level of care in which the focus is on maintaining sobriety, finding a job and housing. They still have group and individual sessions they still must attend. We do have a shelter that the homeless can stay in overnight but they must leave by morning unless they are trying to get into one of our treatment programs but even then, they would have to wait and come back each night for a bed.

1009 Dauphin Street
Mobile, AL 36604

If you are seeking treatment for substance abuse, please visit the following websites for information and locations of local treatment facilities:

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