Faith and Worldview Communities

The following is a list of LGBTQ-affirming religious, faith, and worldview-based communities and organizations in Mobile and Baldwin County. These places will marry same-sex couples, allow LGBTQ+ people to join their clergy, and will not teach homosexuality or being transgender as a sin and/or unnatural. If you have any resources to add to this list, please contact us at

Mobile County

151 S Ann St.
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone Number: 251-438-2492
1260 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone Number: 251-432-0591
1007 Government St
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone Number: 251-438-7080
806 Government Street,
Mobile, AL 36602
Phone Number: 251-432-6513
263 9th Ave.
Chickasaw, AL 36611
Phone Number: 251-523-1844
Performing Arts Center
5566 Andrews Road
Mobile, AL 36619

151 Ann St
Mobile, AL 36604

Phone Number: 251-545-1011
10 Westminister Way
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone Number: 251-342-1550
6345 Old Shell Rd
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone Number: 251-304-2288

Baldwin County

1150 Fairhope Ave
Fairhope, AL 36532
Phone Number: 251-929-3207
309 East 21st. Ave.
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
Phone Number: 251-968-7720
22764 Highway 59 South
Robertsdale, Alabama 36567
Phone Number: 251-947-6011
14755 Oak St
Magnolia Springs, AL 36555
Phone Number: 251-965-7452
Phone Number: 251-223-9774

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