Allies of Rainbow Mobile

Rainbow Mobile is a nonprofit organization with a focus on creating an open, loving, and judgment-free environment for the LGBTQ Community in Southwest Alabama. The Allies of Rainbow Mobile operates as an extension of Rainbow Mobile comprised of the straight parents, friends, family members, and coworkers of those in the LGBTQ Community. Our goal is to create an open and honest place for local Allies to connect and gain information. We hope to provide a place for Allies to not only learn more about their LGBTQ friends and family members, but where they also can obtain information on how to participate in local events and functions.

Currently, The Allies of Rainbow Mobile is led by two straight mothers who identified the need for an Allies organization in our community after the overwhelming success of Rainbow Mobile’s first Drag Queen Story Hour. After witnessing such a massive turnout at the event, it became very apparent that there are a large number of individuals who, while not members of the LGBTQ Community themselves, have a strong desire to love and support our local LGBTQ family.

Allies of Rainbow Mobile strives to promote a dedicated interest in creating a world where our children can be themselves; a world where acceptance is the norm and where no one ever feels as if they have to hide who they are. As Allies, we recognize that sometimes information and inclusive events seem out of our reach. But we hope to fix this. We strive to function as a bridge between the LGBTQ Community and those who love them. We will be hosting all-inclusive family-centered events where everyone under the rainbow is welcome to participate. In addition, we will be working alongside Rainbow Mobile to participate in community service projects, fundraisers, and community events such as Drag Queen Story Hour. We hope to show our LGBTQ loved ones that they have more support from their straight friends and family than they could have ever imagined, all while working to improve our community at the same time!

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